La labor apostólica de Fray Daniel  consiste en su entrega a los pobres y especialmente por los niños en un ambiente carente de todo, desde las necesidades más primarias, defendiendo la vida humana, tratando de santificar la pobreza dándoles de esta manera una oportunidad a los más pequeños.


I have the pleasure to introduce Fr. Daniel. He is a new member of “Saint Rosary Mission”. He lives in India and he knew about us through Sister Practiba (member of the “Missionaries of Charity of Madre Teresa of Calcutta). I am connected with the missionaries through the “Apostolate of Suffering Collaborators”, founded by Madre Teresa.


The apostolic labor of Fr. Daniel consists in helping the poor people, especially the poor children. The mentioned people are in need of the basic resources, and Fr. Daniel not only helps them but also promotes the devotion of the Mother Mary.  

He takes care of the children and their primary needs, giving them a chance to live in a better way. Without his help it would be impossible for the children to have an opportunity to develop. Fr. Daniel glorifies the poverty giving his example and work.


                                       Welcome, Father Daniel! God bless you.



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Direccion Postal:   Fr. T Daniel  

Catholic Church
TELAPROLU - 521109
Krishna Dt.